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Don't Ring and Run on LinkedIn

You know that game that kids play where they ring someone's doorbell and run away. Sending a generic connection request on LinkedIn and not following up with anything after it's been accepted is not much different from ringing and running.

Most people don't bother to personalize the connection request, which gives the recipient no incentive whatsoever to accept it. If you find that many of your connection requests get ignored, this is probably why. It's like walking up to a stranger and jamming a business card in their hand and walking away without saying a word. You wouldn't do that in person, so why do it on LinkedIn?

Yes, the whole point of being on LinkedIn is networking, but ringing and running is not networking. It's really quite easy to tell someone why you want to connect and people who can't put forth that small effort to introduce themselves properly shouldn't be surprised when they get ignored. If you want people to accept your connection requests, give them a reason to. No one should have to look at a connection request and wonder why they received it.

This article presents the idea that instead of "networking," we should endeavor to "build a community." It's a great idea that picks up right where "don't ring and run" leaves off.

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