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There's money buried in your LinkedIn news feed

We're all on LinkedIn to make money, so make sure that any money-making opportunities or ideas that enter your news feed don't get lost in a sea of useless likes and updates. By default, you see everything that all of your connections share and everything they like. This leaves most of us with a news feed full of noise and very little useful information.

It doesn't have to be this way. We all have limited time and one way to get a greater return on the time you invest in LinkedIn is to curate your news feed so that it contains content that is worth your time to read.

It does take an initial investment of time to achieve this, but that investment of time up front yields time savings and a greater return on the time you invest whenever you use LinkedIn. Your news feed becomes a lot less busy and a lot more relevant.

As you scroll through your news feed, you will see content of varying value to you. All you need to do is unfollow the people who consistently generate content that you do not find to be of value. When you unfollow someone, you remain connected, but you don't see their activity in your news feed. Eventually, your news feed will only contain content that is worth your time to review. And with the floodgates turned off, that content will remain near the top of your feed longer, so you'll be more likely to see it.

Also, don't just watch your news feed. If there's someone consistently putting out quality content, visit their page and scroll through their posting history for other posts that you may find value in.

The LinkedIn news feed can be an incredibly useful source of information, but it does require curation to achieve that. Turn your news feed into a time saver and a value add by curating it to make it relevant.

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