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How to put yourself at the top of LinkedIn search results (part 2 of 2)

To make yourself rank higher in search results, your profile must contain the keywords that the people who you want to find you are using. The more times those keywords appear in your profile, the higher you'll move up in the search results.

Saturating your profile with keywords also helps you build a better profile because it forces you to write more.

The wrong way to saturate your profile with keywords is to just gratuitously use keywords in an obvious attempt to boost search rankings. You may go to the top of the results, but you'll have a profile that doesn't read well and may turn readers off.

The right way to saturate your profile with keywords is to write about who you are and what you offer and how you can help others solve their problems today...and make sure you use lots of keywords organically along the way.

Subtle saturation is the way to play the keyword game.

If writing isn't your strength, then get someone else to do it for you. Try using LinkedIn to find them.

You may already have someone in your network who writes as a hobby or side-hustle.  If they've keyworded their profile properly, they'll appear in your search results.

This is why creating a robust profile and saturating it with keywords is important. Some primary or secondary skill or hobby you have may be exactly what someone needs to help them make some money. And one of the best ways to attract money to yourself is to become someone who helps others make money.

So get to work on your profile with keyword saturation in mind and create opportunities for yourself by moving up in the search results. And as you're writing, remember, everything in your profile must be client-facing. It ain't about you, it's about what problems you can solve for someone else.

This blog post is an example of keyword saturation. It contains variations of "keyword" and "saturation" twelve and seven times, respectively, not including the occurrences in this sentence.

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