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Why you can't afford NOT to pay for a good headshot

How much does a good headshot cost?


A great headshot reflects well on you and represents you well 24/7. A bad profile photo reflects on you 24/7, as well. What opportunities are you not getting contacted for because your profile picture is either poor or non-existent?

Far too many people use whatever random photo of themselves they deem "good enough" for their profile photo. They don't look professional or even like they take themselves seriously.

Your LinkedIn profile photo should be chosen as deliberately as the suit you choose to wear to an important business meeting or interview. Your profile photo represents you far more widely than your best suit ever could. So why in the world would you choose a "good enough" photo to represent yourself professionally to the entire world?


Does the quality of your profile photo really reflect the quality of your personal brand or the products or services you offer? Do the executive board photos of your organization look like your organization is legitimate or legitimately cheap? What kind of opportunities is a "good enough" (but not really) profile photo costing you?

You'll never know because no one is going to tell you they would have contacted you, but your profile photo gave a bad first impression. If you think your profile photo doesn't matter, look at your own behavior on LinkedIn. Does your profile photo look like the kind you would be inclined to click on or does it look like the kind you wouldn't even notice?

Back to the question of how much does a good headshot cost? Even a thousand-dollar headshot is only $1.37 per day, if you divide it over two years, which is AT LEAST how long most people will use a great photo of themselves. How much do you spend on coffee each day? Or eating out for lunch? Or on way too many cable TV channels? And what are those things doing to help you advance your career or grow your business?


So how much does a good headshot cost? Nowhere near as much as a bad one!

Professional headshots are a marketing expense that pay for themselves. "Good enough" profile photos COST you. Every. Single. Day.

Seriously, why even be on LinkedIn if you're going to do a half-assed job of presenting yourself? It's a platform for professionals with the sole purpose of professional networking. You wouldn't go to an interview dressed to convey "I don't really care enough about this to present myself professionally." Why do the equivalent on LinkedIn?

Find a local professional who will make YOU look professional and make you easily stand out from the people who don't really care enough to present themselves professionally. Not only can you afford it, if you're serious about using LinkedIn to advance your career or your business, you can't afford not to.

If you're in the DC area, click here to visit my commercial photography website to get more info on how I can help you look your best. Corporate / group rates available. Get your job to pay for staff photos and upgrade your profile photo at no cost to you!

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