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Lenzy Ruffin is a family portrait photographer in Washington, DC. 

The secret to a winning profile picture is genuine emotion

You can come in here and try to get away with a fake smile if you want, but you won't leave until I pull some genuine emotion out of you. Mine is not a "say cheese" studio. WE. HAVE. FUN! during my headshot sessions!!! Yeah, we get the winning shots for LinkedIn or your business website, etc. But along the way to creating those images, we create lots of awesome "outtakes!" Depending on who you ask, these are the real keepers.

Capturing genuine emotion and creating images that show your personality is what I'm all about. I am not your high school yearbook photographer. When you come see me, be prepared for some foolishness. You've got a crazy face in you and pulling it out is my primary objective.

You can try to give me "deer in the headlights" if you want...

But I will pull this out of you before we're done.