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The Family Blog

This blog is dedicated to family photo stories and topics of interest to families with young children.

This blog is also the home of the District Family video series.

See below for recent posts.

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The Business Blog

This is a business blog targeted at fans of small business.

In this blog, I'll share lessons learned, tips, tools, business book recommendations, and anything else that I pick up on my entrepreneurial journey that I think other existing and prospective business owners might benefit from. 

This blog will also occasionally feature video interviews with small business owners. There are small businesses out here doing some amazing work and one of my goals for this blog is to feature some of them and help them get as much visibility as possible.

If you go through the old posts, you’ll see some great interviews.

See below for recent posts.

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Lenzy Ruffin Photography Blog

This is my original blog that's all about great photo stories. See below for recent posts.

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