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Crystal Richards - Mosaic Resource Group

Crystal Richards is a certified Project Manager and owner of Mosaic Resource Group.

In part one of six of our interview, hear how Crystal went from accidental PM to running her own Project Management business.

In part two, Crystal shares the role that PMs play in an organization, as well as some of the challenges that PMs commonly face.

What's the best way to deliver bad news to a client?

In part three, Crystal shares a simple, yet brilliant strategy for handling that "bad news" conversation.

Thinking about going for the PMP certification?

In part four, Crystal shares some insights into what you need to know before pursuing the PMP certification.

Thinking about starting your own project management business? There's way more to it than knowing how to manage projects.

In part five of our interview, Crystal shares the one thing she wishes she'd known before she started her business.

In the conclusion of our interview, Crystal shares some of what she does when she's not managing projects. Crystal also gives us a sneak peek into what life after project management holds for her.

Visit MosaicRG.com for more info on Mosaic Resource Group.

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