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Here's an Easy Tool for Generating Referrals That You're Probably Not Using

As small business owners, we'd all like to get more referrals, right?

But many of us are not ACTIVELY executing a STRATEGY for generating those referrals.

Consistently generating referrals is something that we're all capable of doing, if we educate ourselves and are willing to put in the work.

I've recently discovered two great resources for the education component:

The chapter on referrals in Book Yourself Solid is where I learned how to create the referral guide that you see here.

Last week, I started providing my referral guide to my strategic partners and they love it! They're now working to create their own version.

I encourage you to consider creating one for your business. A well-written guide will tell the reader exactly what they need to know to refer your ideal client to you and do it in such a way as to provide the greatest opportunity for a successful referral.

Consistently getting great referrals isn’t something that just happens. But it is something that you can make happen.
— Lenzy Ruffin

Your referral guide will make it easy for your strategic partners to send you the right kind of leads.

It might be the lowest-cost, highest value marketing piece you ever create.

If you have any tips for systematically generating qualified referrals, please do share in the comments.

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