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How To Make Sure Your Kid Graduates On Time AND Has A Good-Paying Job Waiting For Them

That's the result that Tonda Bean helps families achieve.

Tonda teaches you and your student:

  • How to get your kids into the right school (high school and college)

  • How to help your child choose the right college major and minor (she has a methodology for helping your student choose something that matches their personality/interests/natural abilities AND that will come with a salary that they can live on)

  • How to help your child choose the right courses to get the job they’ll want upon graduation

  • How your student can leverage summer internships to figure out early on if they really want to work in the major they chose or if they need to change majors because that career path isn’t what they thought it would be

  • How to communicate and execute business networking skills to leverage those summer internships into a guaranteed job after graduation

  • How to switch majors, if necessary, with the minimal impact on graduation date

  • And on and on...

Tonda’s business is all about helping you set your child up to get the best education possible, specific to your child as an individual.

Tonda's business is also about helping you set your child up to to get the education that will have a job waiting for them upon graduation in a field that they already know they really want to be in because they’ve leveraged internships to test the waters and gather real world intel.

In short, Tonda helps you make sure your child graduates on time and has a job that will put them into their own home so they don't have to move back into yours.

Tonda's business is called Wisdom in Minutes. You can reach her through her website or on LinkedIn.

This Can Be You

Now that Tonda knows how to make her own marketing videos, you'll be seeing a lot more of her speaking on her own behalf.

If you'd like help learning how to do the same for your business, let's schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.

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