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Identify Your 2019 Team Now

Make a Guaranteed Investment

Instead of being a consumer this holiday season, consider being an investor…in yourself.

Here are some people who would make great additions to your 2019 team:

LinkedIn training: Elisse Barnes - linkedin.com/in/elissewbarnesjdphd/

Marketing (make people know you exist): Ricki Fairley - Dove-Marketing.com/

Sales (close the deal when your marketing efforts generate leads): Thomas Ellis - EWCconsultants.com/

Career transition coaching for the 40+ crowd: Berri A. Wells - TurningPointSolutions.net

Videography (in almost 2019, if you STILL have never made a single video to promote yourself or your business, you are not competitive): Pamela Vines - TroopPR.com

Printed marketing materials (biz cards, roll up displays, tablecloths...everything): Sheldon Jobe - BizGoPrint.com Sheldon’s team also does website design. Click here for work samples.

Media relations (getting your messaging right): Greg Caires - 7seasconsulting.net/

Women's leadership coaching: Christy Rutherford - ChristyRutherford.com

Health and wellness (three trips to the gym in January is not going to get you in shape): Ewunike Akpan - LotusFitness.com

Financial literacy (as Lauryn Hill said “It ain’t what you cop, it’s what you keep.”): Sonya Smith-Valentine - FinanciallyFierce.com

To see lots more rock star small businesses like these:

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