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This just in: my Side Hustle pre-order!


I can't recommend this book that I haven't yet read highly enough. I have, however, listened to every single episode of this once-a-day-for-2017 podcast and this book and that podcast are relevant for anyone 8 to 80. I can't wait to read it. Chris Guillebeau does an incredible job of cranking out high-quality, actionable business lessons every single day and he's distilled those lessons into this book.

Seriously, this book and the podcast it's based on may change your life. There's story after story in the podcast where someone started something on the side in their spare time that ended up generating more income than their day job while still taking no more than their spare time.

I hold two degrees, so I definitely believe in the institution of college. However, pragmatically speaking, the costs of a degree are completely misaligned with what you can honestly expect that degree to deliver as far as income and job security and that seemingly gets worse with each graduating class. Having a strong side hustle can not only help people afford college, it can provide an income safety net that no degree can. For some, college just isn't an option for a variety of reasons. This book is for that audience, too. There's no better way to have income security than knowing how to go out into the world and solve a problem and get paid for it. That's what this book teaches. Not the theory of it, but the specific actions you need to take to make money. This is a "where the rubber meets the road" book.

Again, I can't recommend this book and the podcast it's based on highly enough. If you don't know how to listen to podcasts, you're not alone. Most people don't. You can click here for simple instructions on how to subscribe to the podcast.

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