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What's your video marketing strategy?


These photos are of sales coach Thomas Ellis being interviewed by Ed Ross. Not only is this a must-see interview when it's released, it's already a great example of collaborative marketing.


Ed reaches Thomas' audience. Thomas reaches Ed's audience. And because of the incredible exchange of actionable knowledge between the two during the interview, their combined reach will exceed the sum of their respective audiences.

So, again, I ask. What's your video marketing strategy? This interview is a great example of where we are with video marketing now. Not only is video no longer a novelty, but people like Ed are creating video series on par with anything you can find on any television network.

Don't wait until everyone else in your industry is making videos before you even begin looking into it. If you have any questions about how to get started with video, I'm happy to try to help.

For those in the DC area, I can definitely help. This video was recorded in a restaurant at National Harbor. If you can envision interview videos like this one benefiting your business, let's talk about it. Not only can you afford to make marketing videos, you can't afford not to.

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