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How to make hundreds of dollars before 10am on a Sunday

I joined Thumbtack.com on a Thursday evening. On that Friday, I scheduled a headshot client for Sunday at 10am. He showed up at 9:44 and by 9:58 we were done shooting. Cha-ching!

My first Thumbtack client.

My first Thumbtack client.

Thumbtack is what LinkedIn Pro Finder was supposed to be. In two days on Thumbtack, I got more legitimate leads than I got in the entire six months or so I was on Pro Finder. And in two days on Thumbtack, I got paid. After six months on Pro Finder and zero customers, LinkedIn wanted $50 per month...for sending me nothing but price shoppers who didn't care at all about quality.

Thumbtack is about putting money in your pocket, whereas Pro Finder is about putting money in LinkedIn's pocket. That first Thumbtack client paid me double the budget he specified in his RFQ because he was shopping based on quality, not price and the other bidders who were at the price point he specified did not match my quality.

I'm developing a scope of work with another soon-to-be client from Thumbtack who submitted an RFQ for headshots. She now is going to spend quadruple the budget she put in the RFQ because the headshot was for a website redesign for her small business. She really needs more than a headshot. I offer a comprehensive marketing package for small business owners where, in addition to a headshot, you get photos of your business, photos of you and your employees interacting with clients, stock photos made from your office or store, etc. It's a comprehensive set of images that tell the story of your business the way you want it told in your marketing materials and this client decided that that's what she really needs and she's willing to pay for it.

This made the second person in two days on Thumbtack who was willing to spend more money to get the value they were looking for, rather than looking to spend as little as possible on the cheapest available option. I can't say enough good things about Thumbtack. In one week, I've gotten paid from three new clients and have a project on the board for a fourth. If you offer a quality product or service and you want customers who appreciate quality to find you, then Thumbtack.com is the place to be. Thumbtack + Venmo = an ATM in your pocket!

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