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It Started Off As a Happy 2nd Birthday Party


Everything is normal, so far.



Party hats...


Family and friends...


Proud parents...


And the most adorable guest of honor in the world.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 3.44.52 PM.jpg

If a cake could grow legs and run, that cake would be hauling a-- right now!


No worries.

Crisis averted!

Mama's got this.

Mama's ALWAYS got this!


But how scary would this picture be if she still had the other knife???!!!


Great job, mom. Have some cake!


In case you were confused, yes, there are two of them. Most days, I can tell them apart. But on days like this, when they both play the evil twin and wear similar clothes, I get confused and don't actually know which one I'm talking to. 

I just don't worry about it anymore. They win. I gave up. I know whichever one I'm talking to, the message will get to the other, so I don't worry about it anymore. 


If you think you can do better with telling them apart, visit them at their cafe on Georgia Avenue in DC and give it a try. Their place is called "Heat Da Spot" and I promise you won't be disappointed. That crazy guy in the middle is one great cook. 


The birthday girl has gone to take a nap while her village still celebrates her big day. 


If you'd like to just relax and enjoy your family and leave the photography to someone else so you can be in the pictures, I can help. Just remember, you don't have forever to get photos like the one above.

Your Little People Won’t Be Little Forever.

They grow like crazy those first few years and, before you know it, you have pre-teens. If you have small children, by the time you finish reading this page, they will have changed.

If you want images of you making your baby girl’s face light up with her adorable smile with only two bottom teeth, or if you like to toss your little people up in the air and catch them, you have a small window of time for capturing those special moments.