Don't miss your chance for family photos like this


Your kids are growing fast!

They're not waiting until "one of these days" to grow up, so you can't wait until "one of these days" to get photos of your family.

Take note of what you see here. The entire family is in the photo, having fun and enjoying each other. 

With each passing year, this kind of photo is harder to get because you spend less time with your children. When they're 5, you're the center of their universe. When they're 15, not so much.

Get fun family photos while it's easy

I had a difficult pre-session consultation with a client the other day. I provide a questionnaire as a prerequisite to those phone calls. The questionnaire asks open questions about their family, what kinds of things do they do together, what is the family story they'd like to capture, what's important for our session to produce, etc.

Mom and dad couldn't fill it out. They had no answers. Their kids are pre-teens and the family doesn't do things together, so they were hoping I had suggestions. 

I do documentary family photography. I photograph what family time looks like, I can't prescribe it. 

But that's what happens as kids grow. That's not the first family I've encountered where figuring out how to come up with "family time" was a challenge for them. The closer the kids are to double-digits, the more this challenge presents itself.

So make it easy on yourself and get lots of fun family photos when you don't have to think hard to come up with family time activities. You have a small window to get photos like the one you see here and then it closes forever. 

Where do I start?

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Your kids can't document their own childhood. Family photos with you in them (talking to you, mom!) are a gift that you have to create for them.