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How To Prepare For Your Family Lifestyle Photography Session

How Long Does All This Take?

Aside from producing great images of you and your family, the best part of a Family Lifestyle session is your session can be done in as little as an hour, without you having to change your family's schedule at all!

Your session takes place whenever and wherever your family was already going to be together, so you don't have to find a way to schedule it.

You have wide latitude in deciding how you want to tell your family's story. I'll just be a fly on the wall with a camera creating the images of your family that you have in mind.

Preparing for your Family Lifestyle session boils down to two main things:

What family photo story do you want to tell?

Our goal is to capture natural, relaxed images of what your family normally looks like. We don't want to stage photos, but we do want to make sure we capture the images of your family that you have in mind. You'll want to plan out family activities that you would normally do, just plan to do them within your photo session.

What family photo story do you not want to tell?

Be sure to take a look around the rooms we'll be photographing in and look at every item in the room and ask yourself if you really want it to be included in your photos that will hang on your walls forever. If the answer is no, then this item should probably be relocated during your photo session. 

Sounds great, now what?