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3 Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Professionally-Designed Family Photo Album

A professional storyteller knows how to put together your family's photo story

A quality family photo album is not just a bunch of pictures thrown together. A quality family photo album is a visual narrative with all the necessary elements to tell the complete story of the family.

Approaching your family photo session with the intent to create a compelling photo story and the experience to do so is what a professional family photographer will do for you. 

A family photo album is a priceless piece of family history

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Family photo albums are gifts to your children and their children and their children. This is something that's way too important to your family for it to not get done. 

Family photo albums are a permanent treasure that tells your family's story. Ten thousand digital files on your phone can't do that.

Your favorite social media platform may not exist in ten's certainly not likely to be around in fifty years. Even if it is, who is going to A) have access to your account information and B) be inclined to go through fifty years of your posts, looking for family photos? 

Physical photo albums require no password. And they don't contain ten thousand images, they contain only the best ones that come together to tell an interesting story. There is no electronic equivalent to a quality, printed photo album. 

You don't have time to design a family photo album yourself

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Despite your best intentions, let's be honest. You're never going to not be too busy to do this.

If putting together a family photo album is left to you, the bottom line is it's never going to happen because you're way too busy just keeping the family train on the tracks. 

So if capturing your family's story in a photo album that will be passed down for generations is something that's important to you, hire a pro.