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When was the last time you put together a family photo album?

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I mean a physical photo album, not a Facebook album. When was the last time you printed some photos and put them in a nice album that your family will be able huddle together to enjoy decades from now?

Who needs that hassle, right? You're okay because you have all those albums you put on your computer and on your phone and in Facebook, right?

Where are those digital photo albums going to be when your kids are fifty years old?

How many phones and computers will you have gone through in that time? Will Facebook still exist? You probably have some family photos on CDs somewhere. But do any of the computers you currently own have a CD drive? 

This is why printed family photo albums are important. A printed photo album from fifty years ago still works. And the same will be true in fifty years for a printed family photo album that you create today. You don't need to have a compatible this or that to make it work. You just sit down and enjoy it.

If going through old family photo albums is something you enjoy doing, why not give that gift to your children?

Who has time for making family photo albums, you say?

A family photo album is a project that will take forever to do, right? Well, maybe not forever, but it will definitely take some time. Why not make it a family project that you work on a little bit each week?

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I've written in the past about Shabbat, which, in the Jewish faith, is 24 hours of family time from Friday evening through Saturday night, each week. You can click here to read that post.

Why not make maintaining the tradition of family storytelling a part of your weekly family routine?

Treat it like a project, no different than a project at work or a home improvement project. The only way a project gets completed is if you commit time to it on a regular basis.

Why not make creating and maintaining printed family photo albums a fun project that you get to work on every week?

You probably have some family photos on CDs somewhere. But do any of the computers you currently own have a CD drive? 

When you work on an album a little bit each week, before long, you'll have a completed album. You can catch up on the backlog of photos you've already taken, as well as start a new album with recent photos. And in the process, you've made maintaining the family's historical record a part of the family tradition. When your kids have kids, they will do the same.