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The Number One Reason Why You Don't Want To Use A Smartphone For Your Family Photos

Smartphones allow us to document our lives to an extent that has never before been possible.

But smartphone photos are no substitute for what a skilled, professional storyteller with a trained eye will create.

Understanding lighting and composition and how to anticipate where something interesting is going to happen are just a few examples of what you get when you hire a professional photographer that make all the difference in the world in the quality of the images.

But the number one reason why you don't want to use a smartphone for your family photos is...


Because someone who should be in the photo is probably the one holding the smartphone! And if you're reading this, that someone is probably you!!!

The best kind of family photos are candid photos and you can’t be in candid photos if you’re the one holding the camera!

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Great family portrait photography is about showing relationships. You have to be in the picture for your family photos to show your relationships with your children. And this is something that you don't have forever to get done. If you want to capture your baby girl’s face light up with her adorable smile with only two bottom teeth, how much time do you think you have to do that?

Capture the relationships you have with your children before they grow up!