Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To promote breast cancer awareness, Lenzy Ruffin Photography sponsored an educational video series called Behind The Pink Wall.

In each episode, you’ll hear from survivors as well as caregivers who share insights into how to navigate a journey through breast cancer.

Please take your time watching these very important and very personal stories and share them with someone who you think might benefit.

In Episode 10, Jasmine sits down with Vince Smith, whose wife is a breast cancer survivor.

Vince shares what a caregiver can expect to experience, as well as provides insights on how male caregivers, in particular, can best support their partner through her journey through treatment.

In this episode, we also get a cameo appearance from Dr. Hampton!

This episode is part two of a two-part episode covering Bonita Parker’s breast cancer journey.

In this episode, Bonita’s caregiver, Thaddeus, shares her journey from his perspective.

This is an episode that every man should watch so he knows what to do if he should ever find himself needing to step up as a caregiver.

Most men do well when they have an instruction manual to reference. In this episode, Thaddeus provides that instruction manual.

This is part one of a very special two-part episode of Behind The Pink Wall.

In part one, breast cancer survivor Bonita Parker shares her breast cancer journey from the first traumatic moment when she felt a lump.

In part two, we’ll hear Bonita’s journey from that same moment, but from the perspective of her caregiver, Thaddeus.

In this episode, breast cancer survivor Jane Smith shares her breast cancer journey. Jane also presents some apparel designed specifically for women recovering from breast cancer surgery.

In Episode 5, Felicia Biles visits to talk about how her company, Goodie Girl Bags, addresses the widespread, but generally overlooked problem of the need for feminine hygiene products amongst homeless women.

In Episode 4, Jasmine takes us on a tour of Cherry Blossom Intimates.

In this extended segment of Episode 3, Jasmine shows Elaine the state-of-the-art prosthetic options that Cherry Blossom Intimates offers and gets Elaine’s opinion of them as a survivor.

In Episode 3, breast cancer survivor Elaine Robinson shares her journey through multiple occurrences of breast cancer, all the while maintaining a positive outlook on life, as well as keeping her business running.

In Episode 2 of Behind The Pink Wall, Jasmine sits down with eyebrow technician Vanessa George who shares lots of tips on how to keep your ‘brows under control.

In this first episode of Behind The Pink Wall, the co-founders of Cherry Blossom Intimates share how the idea for the store started with two strangers chatting with each other on a breast cancer awareness walk.


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