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Lenzy Ruffin is a family portrait photographer in Washington, DC. 

Chasing the business

This is what it looks like.

Picking up where my previous post left off, I headed to the Farragut North Metro station this morning with my makeshift billboard. I want corporate headshot clients, so I took my marketing to where those clients are.

Don't be fooled by the picture. I went out this morning with a ton of business cards and I came back with a ton of business cards, minus ten or so. But I consider this marketing exercise to be an unqualified success. I learned quite a bit to carry into my next effort at this. I'll be back at it with a better sign, a better location, and a better marketing strategy.

Here's a few images from Georgetown. I walked to Georgetown to scout locations for my next billboard marketing event. I didn't see what I was looking for in terms of a marketing location, but I did see this.

It was a postcard-perfect day in Georgetown and I was lucky enough to be there to create one.

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