Are you interested in establishing a library of videos that will help you bring in more clients?

Here's a video from Deirdre Brown, a Washington, DC settlement agent. Deirdre's video is an example of how you can leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy. This is one video from an ongoing series of videos that Deirdre is using to showcase her expertise to potential clients.

I offer video recording services to help you create short videos that you can release on a regular schedule. I come to you and bring all the equipment necessary to record videos like the ones on this page. You can change outfits multiple times and create weeks or months worth of videos in a single session.

The short format is the way to go these days. You don't need or want to make each video a grand production. As is the case with maintaining a blog, consistent production is far more important. What questions do your clients commonly have? Answer those questions in short, single-topic videos. Use the Twitter model to create videos that tell people exactly what they want to know, succinctly. If your website is the place to go for fast answers from an expert, what will that do for your lead funnel?

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Recruiting, fundraising, building brand awareness...aside from face-to-face interaction, there's no better way to deliver your message than video. Not long ago, you needed neither a cell phone nor a website to conduct business. Now, you can't be in business without them. Video marketing is the next big thing and the short format video is what that will look like.

YouTube is the #2 search engine behind only Google. Go to YouTube and search for [your industry] [your city]. You can put yourself on that first page of results, especially if the videos you see in the search results are years old.

Don't wait until all your competitors have a video marketing strategy before you start looking into it. By the time you realize they're out-marketing you with video content, they may have built a lead you can't close. If your main competitor has a library of fifty videos and adds one or two new ones per week, how are you going to catch up?

So how do I get started?

Contact me now so we can talk about your requirements and schedule your recording session. It's that simple.