I help you create the images you need for both your professional and your personal life. 

Professional Event Photography Services


Professional event photography is a great way to remind guests of the great time they had at your event, as well as to showcase your event to the world and build excitement about your brand. And what better way to support your favorite nonprofit than to sponsor professional photography services to create premium quality images to help them recruit, raise funds, and just build general awareness about the cause? Whether you just want to preserve memories of the good times had by all in attendance, or you're looking to create images to incorporate into the overall marketing strategy for your organization, nothing works like professional event photography. 


Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a private party, I can help you capture the results of all your hard work with images that paint the big picture of the event, as well as showcase all those great candid moments of people just interacting and enjoying themselves.

Click here to see my event photography portfolio where you can see more in-depth coverage of multiple events.

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Family Photojournalism

For those looking for a more personalized photography experience, I provide those services, as well. If you're overdue for family photos and just don't have time to schedule it, click here to see how you can get spectacular family photos without having to adjust your schedule or make time for a session.

Use the contact form below so we can talk about your current or upcoming photography needs and how I can help you create priceless images of your life's special moments.


If you're visiting DC and would like to document your visit in a way that's only possible if you have a professional photographer along for the ride, I can help. 

I also shoot headshots!

Your headshot is either making you look professional or it's making you look unprofessional. If you're serious about your personal brand and your online presentation, it's not enough to use any random photo with you in it as your profile picture. Click here for more info on how I can help you set yourself apart from your competition with a great headshot.

Social Media Marketing Videos

Want to take your marketing or personal branding to the next level? There's no better way to do that than with video content. I can help. Check out the short video below and click here for more info on how you can get started marketing yourself with video.

I would love to be at your service as your professional photographer for both your personal and professional needs. Contact me now so we can discuss your needs and develop a plan to create the kinds of images you have in mind. You can use the contact form below or you can click here to view my calendar and schedule a phone consultation