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Family Photojournalism

Family portraits are a gift that you're giving to your children

Family Photojournalism


What do you see in your daughter's eyes when she's playing with her daddy? What kind of beautiful, joyful mess do you and your little helpers make in the kitchen when you're baking cookies? How great would it be to just relax and enjoy your family and actually BE in some of your family photos? 


I do a style of family photography called Family Photojournalism, which is a contemporary spin on the traditional family portrait. Family photojournalism is about artistically capturing the wonderful candid interactions that occur during the course of everyday family life. It's all about capturing the relationships and interactions within your family that make you a family. Those fleeting, special moments are priceless today and become more so over time. What will that wall art display of you bouncing your grandbaby on your knee mean to your family when that baby is your age and bouncing their grandbaby on their knee? 

Capture the relationships you have with your children before they grow up!

If this sounds good to you, I can help. Your little people won’t be little forever. They grow like crazy those first few years and, before you know it, you have pre-teens. If you have small children, by the time you finish reading this page, they will have changed. So set aside a few minutes for a complimentary consultation to talk about those family photos you’ve been meaning to have done, but haven't had time to do. I can help you create the most incredible photos of your family you've ever seen without you having to change your family's schedule at all. I come to you whenever and wherever your family is already going to be together. 


Why Smartphone Photos Aren't Good Enough

Smartphones allow us to document our lives to an extent that has never before been possible. But smartphone photos are no substitute for what a skilled professional storyteller with a trained eye will create. Understanding lighting and composition and how to anticipate where something interesting is going to happen are just a few examples of what you get when you hire me that make all the difference in the world in the quality of the images. And you can’t be in candid photos if you’re the one holding the camera! Family photography is about showing relationships. You have to be in the picture for your family photos to show your relationships with your children.

You can’t be in candid photos if you’re the one holding the camera!

Family Photos Made Easy

There's no need to dress everyone the same and make a grand, complicated, studio production out of taking family photos. Those kinds of photos don't reflect what your family really looks like. Family photojournalism is about capturing natural, relaxed, candid images in your home or wherever is convenient for you. A family photojournalism session is perfect for normal family activities like playing catch in the back yard, or special occasions like the holiday season when your college scholars are home on break and the whole family is together. You don’t have to find time to schedule it because I come to you when your family is already going to be together. 



The most important difference, however, between do-it-yourself photography and hiring a professional is the storytelling. I am a professional storyteller. A great family photo story is not just a bunch of photographs, it’s a narrative with all the necessary elements to tell the complete story of the family. The cast iron skillet that bears this year’s dessert and has been feeding the family for generations is an example of one of the many elements that might have a role in telling your family's story. Or a series of photos of the family gathered around family photo albums from decades ago. Imagine a large wall print of your family gathered around one of the elders narrating a walk through your family’s history using old family photo albums as a guide. Smartphones and Facebook cannot capture those kinds of memories for you. I can. 


It's All About the Print


Your family memories are stories best told in wall art, which is why prints are the final product of my family photojournalism sessions, not digital files. How many hundreds or thousands of photos of your family do you have “somewhere” in your phone? Where are your favorite photos from last year and the year before and the year before? What about that incredible photo from last year's family vacation or someone's first (or hundredth) birthday party? These images of a lifetime shouldn't be trapped inside your phone. Great memories should be enjoyed as easily and often as possible. Wall art allows you to do this.

A walk through your home should be a walk through a gallery of your family’s special memories.

Facebook may not be around in twenty years, so Facebook is no place to store your family photos. Family wall art, however, is something you own and something you treasure and something that your family will pass down for generations to come. What would it mean to your family if you had wall art of your great granddad teaching your granddad how to build a go kart or a treehouse back in the day? Or perhaps large prints of your grandmother knitting the sweaters or quilts that you count amongst your most prized possessions? I can help you create wall art like that for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

What’s the story behind this great photo on your wall?

We often invest in expensive home improvements, artwork, and decor to make our homes look nice. Investing in priceless family treasures that will be handed down for generations comes at a fraction of those costs. Don't buy art, BE art! Adorn your walls with engaging, dynamic, true-to-life photos of your family that capture your relationships and tell the story of your love for one another. Relive those memories when your guests ask “What's the story behind this great photo on your wall?” There are lots of great photos in your everyday life that you don't see, but I will.

What's Next?

You may not have been able to find time to do traditional studio portraits, but you definitely have time for a family photojournalism session because I make it so easy, you don't even have to leave your home or change your schedule. Remember, this is a gift to your children that will be priceless to them when they're older, and it's also a gift that you have a limited time to create for them. 

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