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Video Marketing

Short format videos perfect for social media marketing.

Video marketing is here to stay

Are you interested in developing a video marketing strategy to keep your business competitive?

If you haven't thought about it, consider this: As a consumer, are you more likely to consume the kinds of marketing materials you're currently putting out, or are you more likely to watch a video?

Don't wait until you start seeing videos from your competitors before you begin researching video marketing. Video marketing is no longer optional for any business that wants to remain competitive. The reality of the marketplace is that video marketing is a now a recurring marketing expense that needs to be budgeted for going forward. The sooner you determine what those expenses are, the sooner you can begin developing your video marketing strategy. 2018 is right around the corner. January is when you should hit the ground running with your video marketing plan, not when you should begin your initial research. 

Here's a video from Deirdre Brown, a Washington, DC settlement agent. Deirdre's video is an example of how you can leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy. This is one video from an ongoing series of videos that Deirdre is using to showcase her expertise to potential clients.

How it works

I offer video recording services to help you create short, television-quality videos that are perfect for marketing your business. I come to you and bring all the equipment necessary to record videos like the ones on this page.

You can change outfits multiple times and create weeks or months worth of videos in a single session, as demonstrated in the video below.

Why such short videos?

The short format is the way to go these days. It's perfect for marketing yourself on your website and all the social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The bottom line is people are not going to watch a long video, so you really want to keep it under 90 seconds. 60 seconds or less is even better. 

Short videos also keep your costs down. You don't need or want to make each video a grand production. As is the case with maintaining a blog, consistent production is far more important.

Short videos also significantly reduce how much effort you need to put into preparation. You do need to prepare yourself, but the preparation required to speak for one minute is a world of difference from the preparation required to speak for three to five minutes, or longer. You deliver one-minute presentations in person and on the phone all day every day. Short videos just capture what you're already doing. What questions do your clients commonly have? Answer those questions in short, single-topic videos. Use the Twitter model to create videos that tell people exactly what they want to know, succinctly. If your website is the place to go for fast answers from an expert, what will that do for your lead funnel?

Video Interviews


You can also leverage video to create cross-promotional opportunities. Interview a business owner in a complementary industry and you each gain exposure to each others' networks. Working together to educate the marketplace is a win/win strategy for generating new business.

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Stats on Video

Recruiting, fundraising, building brand awareness...aside from face-to-face interaction, there's no better way to deliver your message than video. Not long ago, you needed neither a cell phone nor a website to conduct business. Now, you can't be competitive without them. The same now applies to video marketing.

Here are some statistics on video for you to consider:

  • YouTube is the #2 search engine behind only Google. "Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users."

  • "YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18–34 and 18–49-year-olds than any cable network in the US."

  • "By the time 2016 rolled around, Facebook was reporting an average of 8 billion video views per day, doubling the average from just a few months earlier, with expectations that such growth will continue for quite a while to come."
  • "Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text."
  • If you need more stats, here's an easy-to-digest video marketing study

Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy for 2018

What message are you going to deliver in your videos? On what schedule will you publish them? You do plan to make videos on a regular basis, right? If not, how much mileage can you reasonably expect to get out of ONE video? Marketing is an ongoing activity. Video marketing is no different. 

Are you going to try to record yourself? What equipment do you need and how much will it cost? 

How hard is it to self-record a quality video, and is this something you're going to be willing to continue doing once you've done it once?

Are you going to hire someone to record you? How much will that cost? 

Video marketing is going to cost you one way or another. Whether it's the cost of doing it yourself, the cost of hiring a videographer, or the cost of not making videos and letting your competitors have the customers who respond to video marketing. Use the remainder of 2017 to learn what those costs are so you can hit the ground running in 2018. January is for executing your marketing plan, not research and discovery. 

So how do I get started?

When you're ready for more info on how to get started in video marketing, fill out the contact form below or click here to schedule a phone consultation. I'm here to help.