Take Control

Resources for those impacted by the federal government shutdown who want to empower themselves to be less vulnerable to things like this in the future.

Resources To Help You Take Control

Instead of creating a page for “shutdown resources,” I decided to create a page for “take control” resources.

Nothing on this page will put money in your bank account immediately. But you will find resources here to help you maximize your time during the shutdown to set yourself up to be better able to handle situations like this in the future.

In other words, I’m trying to help you take control over your future. We can’t control what has happened, but we can control how we react to it. One of the most productive uses of your time right now is to make sure that if this same thing happens again in the future, you will be better prepared to handle that crisis than you were this one.

I also plan to include as many resources as I can to help you weather the current storm, so please check back regularly because I will work in earnest during the shutdown to actively maintain this page by adding additional resources.

Establish Multiple Streams of Income

Side Hustle School book

The current shutdown is Exhibit A for why we all need to have multiple streams of income. Even those who are not government employees are impacted by the shutdown.

The Side Hustle book above is a product of the Side Hustle School podcast. Side Hustle School is a podcast dedicated to teaching you how to monetize some skill or talent that you already have, without quitting your day job.

Each day, the show features the story of some regular person around the world who started something on the side that generates at least $500 per month. Some of these side hustles grew to six-figure business and some became seven-figure businesses.

Click the button below to check out a few episodes.

Career Coaching

Most people furloughed won’t be looking for a new job, but some will. The education series below from Career Coach Berri Wells will provide some useful information to those individuals, particularly those 50 years of age and older.

Click the button below to view the complete education series.

Get Your LinkedIn Profile In Order


Your LinkedIn profile is something that you should actively maintain. Gone are the days where LinkedIn is where you copy and paste your resume and log in when you’re looking for a job.

LinkedIn is a place to make connections and establish relationships with other professionals on an ongoing basis. If you treat LinkedIn as something you only go to when you need something, you will rarely find anything there for you.

Career Coach Berri Wells, featured in the videos above, is one of many people who I’ve met through LinkedIn and went on to be productive with in the real world.

Click the button below for a series of articles on how to make your LinkedIn profile work for you.

Start Your Own Business

Some may feel like this shutdown is the catalyst they needed to finally pursue their dream of starting their own business.

I would caution anyone who may be feeling that way.

Running a business is hard. Extremely, extremely hard. Most people are not cut out for it.

The anxiety that everyone is feeling right now due to financial distress is the status quo for many small business owners. There’s a whole community of small business owners thinking “welcome to my world” when watching the news stories about people in distress due to the shutdown.

If you feel like that’s something you are willing to impose on yourself in order to pursue your dream, then you may find useful the Small Business Resource page I created.

It is a long page with a lot of information. It’s designed to be a comprehensive resource, not a quick read. If you don’t have the patience to work through it, you may want to reconsider starting your own business because you need to know everything on that page and so much more.

Running a business is hard. Really, really hard.

Click the button below to view the Small Business Resource page.