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What is Family Lifestyle Photography?

Family Lifestyle photography is a contemporary spin on the traditional family portrait.

Family Lifestyle photography is about artistically capturing the wonderful candid interactions that occur during the course of everyday life for your family.

You don’t have to find time to schedule a Family Lifestyle photography session because I come to you whenever and wherever your family is already going to be together.


Metal Prints

Enjoy artwork of your family every day of your life!

A walk through your home should be a walk through a gallery of your family’s special memories.

Through printed family photos, you can bring your walls to life with your family tree. Over generations, these beautiful prints provide a priceless window into how things were “back in the day.”

Metal prints allow you to create spectacular display pieces for your home that are certain to be conversation centers now and for generations to come.

With metal prints, you can adorn your walls with engaging, dynamic, true-to-life photos of your family that capture your relationships and tell the story of your love for one another. And you'll get to relive those precious memories whenever your guests ask “What's the story behind this great photo on your wall?”

Don’t buy art, BE art!
— Lenzy Ruffin

Why We Only Offer Printed Photos 

Because print is forever.

CDs have gone the way of the floppy disk. Eventually, USB drives will, too. And so will your smartphone that will eventually look like a beeper when enough time has passed. That's just how technology works and you don't want your family photos stuck on some device that you can't access. 

You certainly don't want to have your family photos locked away in some social media platform that may not be around in twenty years. 

However, with printed photos, you never need to worry about having a compatible this or that now, or in the future. Those old family photo albums that were passed down to you still work and you don't need to know anyone's password.

Investing in professional portraits likely means that you want to enjoy your memories long-term in high quality-albums and gorgeous wall art displays that will get passed down over generations.

That is why Lenzy Ruffin Photography only offers printed photos. We provide the digital file with each printed photo, and all the edited digital files from your photo session are included with a printed photo album. However, we do not offer any "digital only" packages. 

Most families can expect to invest several thousand dollars in their custom family artwork.

Family Photo Albums

Family photo albums are a permanent treasure that tells your family's story.

Ten thousand digital files on your phone can't do that. Your favorite social media platform may not exist in ten's certainly not likely to be around in fifty years. Even if it is, who is going to A) have access to your account information and B) be inclined to go through fifty years of your posts, looking for family photos? 

Family photo albums are gifts to your children and their children and their children. This is something that's way too important to your family for it to not get done. 

But who has time, right?

That's why you hire a professional. You can get a great family photo album without it costing you any time at all.


How To Prepare For a Family Lifestyle Photography Session

You're already ready.

You don't have to do anything special. You don't have to go shopping for outfits. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your family.

If that sounds like the kind of family photo session you're interested in, click the button below to schedule a free consultation.


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