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Lenzy Ruffin is a family portrait photographer in Washington, DC. 

How to Make The Ruffin Report Work for You

How to Make The Ruffin Report Work for You

The sole purpose of The Ruffin Report is to create a resource for small business owners in the Washington, DC area to help each other grow our businesses. As with anything in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Here are ways to make The Ruffin Report work for you:

  • Leave a comment: What project are you working on that you're most excited about this year? And what challenge are you currently facing with that project that you could use some help with?
  • Read the comments and look for someone you can help.
  • Review the Small Business Spotlight each week and try to refer some business to the featured business owner.  
  • Leave a comment about a quality networking event you think other small business owners with limited time and money should consider attending and explain why. Please note that an unstructured "room full of people" does not qualify as a quality networking event. That's just gambling. 
  • Like, subscribe, and share The Ruffin Report with your network.  

My goal for The Ruffin Report is to provide quality networking and support to help you grow your business at no cost and without taking time out of your schedule. If you need more business than you currently have, investing just a few minutes per week into The Ruffin Report will likely yield a better return than many of the networking events you attend and get no business from, or any fee-based organizations you paid to join that aren’t producing any business for you. I know because I’ve been there and done that many times over.

I started The Ruffin Report because I got tired of wasting my money and, more importantly, my time at events and with organizations that never helped me generate business. Unlike most, if not all of the networking groups or small business support organizations you may be a part of, I actually measure my success or failure in helping you generate business using metrics that matter:

  • How many inquiries did I help you generate this week?
  • How much new traffic was I able to send to your website this week?
  • How many new people in your target market did I make aware of your existence this week? 

My goal is for your investment of time in The Ruffin Report to result in you being a part of three to five transactions per week, meaning you either made a referral, received a referral, or made a sale three to five times each and every week. If you want to be a part of that kind of thriving business network, then you have to help create it. There’s no membership fee for The Ruffin Report, but you do have to put in the work to create the referral network you seek. Ten minutes per week from each of us can have a huge impact on all our businesses.

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