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Lenzy Ruffin is a family portrait photographer in Washington, DC. 

Ruffin Report - Episode 6

March 14th - Thomas Ellis workshop on how to use LinkedIn for 30 minutes per day to grow your business.  If you're just "on" LinkedIn, but don't really know how to use it to generate leads for your business, this is the workshop for you. 

March 16th - GWHCC Expo. Held at the Washington Convention Center, this is the largest event of the year for the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. You can participate as an attendee, an exhibitor, or as a sponsor.

Click here for a "behind the scenes" look at my preparation for the Expo.

I’ll have a 10x10 booth and I’m trying to cram as much photographic awesomeness in it as I can. I’ll have metal prints on display, as well as a premium photo album. And, based on marking off my living room to match the booth size, it looks like I’ll have no problem shooting headshots in my booth. Come out and take advantage of “expo only” pricing and get that ten-year-old photo off your LinkedIn profile.

I hope to see you at the expo. Booths are still available, if you want one. Contact Leslie Munoz for more info. This is the largest event of the year for GWHCC, so it’s a great event to get some visibility for your business. I’ll have 24-hour promotions available to anyone who visits my booth, so if you have personal or professional photography needs, March 16th at the expo will be a great time to check those things off your to-do list.

March 20th - Thomas Ellis workshop on how to close more sales. If you think "sales" and "selling" have negative connotations, or you think you're "not the sales type" or "I'm not a salesman" etc. you should register for this workshop. If you have an elevator pitch, that's just a sales pitch with more syllables. Sales is not about being a used car salesman.

If you run a business and you don't understand and embrace the fact that you are in the sales business, you're not setting yourself up for success. Thomas will teach you how to not be that pushy, high-pressure salesperson, but instead, a person who solves problems profitably by knowing how to identify and systematically engage a target market from the prospecting stage all the way through closing the deal. I've seen this workshop a number of times and I promise you, it's worth your money, especially if your sales are not where you would like them to be. Click here to register

Small Business Spotlight

Dieneria Brown, founder of Young Authors Workshop

Don't forget to share Dieneria's video as broadly as you can. My goal is to feature a new small businessperson each week and build The Ruffin Report into a platform where the person being showcased actually gets some inquiries as a result. The whole point of The Ruffin Report is to help get all our phones ringing, but we each have to do our part and help with the promotion. 

Business Networking Apps

I started experimenting with some business networking apps last week. It's too soon to say whether they'll be useful, but you may have a completely different experience with them than I do, so I'm sharing them here for you to conduct your own testing. 

These apps work like the Tinder app for dating with the "swipe left to ignore, swipe right to connect" functionality, but the apps are designed for making business connections. The three apps I'm testing are:

  • Bumble Bizz: Shows the most promise for me, so far. I like their interface the best.
  • Shapr: A well-established app in the business networking space. 
  • Ripple: A brand new app in the business networking space. Created by the people who created Tinder. Not many features currently, but I expect that to change quickly.

Shameless Plugs

If you'd like help with photo and video marketing materials for your business, click here

A great referral for me is any family interested in family photos in the form of wall art. Visit my home page for more info.

Other great referrals are school administrators or PTA leaders who are interested in discussing how I can help the school raise money at the school fundraising auctions.

And I'm always looking to form strategic partnerships with business owners and organizations whose target market is families. The wine maker and the cheese maker service the same consumer without competing with each other. If they work together, they can help each other bring in more business. If you think there's an opportunity for us to work together to bring in more business, click here to access my calendar and schedule a call

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