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What's in a print?


A printed photo is a moment in time memorialized. Unlike a digital image that gets lost in the sea of images in your phone, a printed photo allows you to effortlessly share and relive special moments every single day.

How many hundreds or thousands of photos do you have “somewhere” in your phone? Where are your favorite ten photos from last year and the year before and the year before? What about that incredible photo from last year's family vacation or someone's first (or hundredth) birthday party? These images of a lifetime shouldn't be trapped inside your phone. Great memories should be enjoyed as easily and often as possible.

Wall art allows you to do this.

Physical photo albums allow you to do this.

Wall Art

The walls of your home can be a gallery of your special memories. And wall art gets passed down over generations. What would you pay for a set of two foot by three foot prints of your great granddad teaching your granddad how to build a go kart or a treehouse back in the day? Or perhaps large prints of your grandmother knitting the sweaters or quilts that you count amongst your most prized possessions. “What's the story behind this great photo on your wall?” Wall art allows you to preserve and share those memories in a way that digital images never will.

Photo Albums

Physical photo albums that you leave on your coffee table for guests to peruse are a great way to relive great memories over and over. Instead of entertaining your guests with the television or having them entertain themselves with their phones, imagine having photo albums and wall art that become centerpieces of fellowship in your home. Everyone can flip through Facebook albums in isolation, but reviewing a physical photo album is a communal experience...making new memories while enjoying old ones. There's nothing like a printed photo album to give you the joy of experiencing old memories through the eyes of someone seeing the photos for the first time. All those great photos lost in your phone can't do this.

Family Photojournalism and Lifestyle Photography

You can't go back in time and document stories from the past, but you can document your story for future generations. Prints of you engaged in whatever hobby you enjoy will be priceless to your family down the road. Whether you make art or make clothes or make nothing at all, photos of you pursuing your passion are immediately priceless and become more valuable as time passes. These kinds of photos add dimension to your personal and family legacy like nothing else. And if you have little people in your life, you already know they get less little by the day. Prints capturing the time you spend together engaged in your favorite activities are family legacy pieces that will adorn the family walls for generations.

I can help you create the prints that you and your family will cherish for years to come. Use the contact form below so we can discuss your vision for capturing your life in print.