Our Partners

Need help finding a nanny or a babysitter?

Perhaps you need entertainment for your child’s birthday party?

Or maybe you need help planning date night for you and your spouse.

On this page, you’ll find solutions to those problems and more!

We’ve put this resource together to make your life easier. Every business in our partner network offers something unique that your family may benefit from.

District Sitter

Whether you need a full-time nanny or a date night babysitter, District Sitter offers a diverse group of qualified caregivers who are reliable, trustworthy, bilingual, and come with years of experience and impeccable references.

Visit DistrictSitter.com for more information.

Tunes 4 Tots

With Tunes 4 Tots®, little ones will learn fundamental music concepts through song, movement, and play! Infant & Toddler classes are suitable for ages 4 and under with a participating caregiver.

Visit Tunes4Tots.com for more information.

The Speech Boutique

The Speech Boutique provides services to help improve speech and language skills for preschoolers ages 3 to 5 in the following areas:

  • Articulation

  • Expressive Language

  • Receptive Language

Visit TheSpeechBoutique.com for more information.

The Petite Party Animal

The Petite Party Animal makes art and decor for playrooms, nurseries and events.

Additionally, The Petite Party Animal hosts creative classes for your own sweet party animals.

Visit ThePetitePartyAnimal.com for more information.

Like Neighbors

When Like Neighbors founder Judy O'Connor coordinated a restaurant meal delivery for an out-of-state friend whose child was battling cancer, a lot of questions needed to be answered.

  • What did the family want to eat?

  • What time?

  • Would they be home or at the hospital?

  • What restaurants delivered to their area?

Judy created Like Neighbors to make it easy for friends and family to give meaningful help to loved ones near or far... without all the questions!

Visit LikeNeighbors.com for more information.

CheckMate Events

Kevan and Shaneece Gaines have been married since 2014 and two-stepping to the music of life together since 2009. Inspired by the quote “keep the party going” the Gaines’ excitedly create events and curated date night opportunities specifically for married couples to stay connected.

Visit CheckInWithYourMate.com for more information.