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This Device Solves Your Family Photo Problem


If hiring a photographer is not in your budget, this Smartphone Tripod Adapter is a very inexpensive way to ensure that for every year of your children's lives, you have family photos with everyone in the picture.


The adapter holds your phone and allows everyone to be in the picture.

You can place the adapter on a flat surface as pictured above, or you can use the holes in the bottom (as shown in the picture below) to secure it to a tripod or a light stand.


Why Did I Post This?

I'm posting this because someone asked me what's the best new camera technology for moms who want photos of their family.

What the person was looking for in an answer was some kind of new camera or something along those lines.

This device that I'm recommending is a lot less interesting than what they were looking for, but this device will do far more for the average mom than any new camera.

This device is the simplest, easiest, least expensive way for mom to ensure that for every single year of her children's lives, there are family photos with everyone in the picture, including her.

This is a real and universal problem in the mommy community, so you might want to share this with a mama you know.

It Works Great For Video, Too!

You could use this to record mom helping baby take first steps to dad.

A family video with everybody in it. Imagine that.

The possibilities are endless. Just have fun with it. Your kids will thank you when they're adults.

And If You're A Mom With A Business...

This little device enables your phone to help you leverage your most powerful tool for bringing in more clients: You!

As you can see, this one little device can make your smartphone a lot more useful to you.