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2 Big Myths About Family Photos That Have Kept Them On Your To-Do List For Way Too Long

Family Photo Myth Number One: You Don't Have Time


Getting your family all dressed up and hauling them off to a studio is the old way of doing family photos. There's a much better way.

Family Lifestyle photography is about artistically capturing the wonderful candid interactions that occur during the course of everyday family life.

You don't have to find time to schedule a Family Lifestyle session because this kind of family photo session is done whenever and wherever your family is already going to be together.

Family Photo Myth Number Two: It's a Huge Hassle And Your Family Won't Cooperate!


There's no need to dress everyone the same and make a grand, complicated studio production out of taking family photos.

Family Lifestyle photography is about capturing natural, relaxed, candid images in your home or wherever is convenient for you.

Your family won't object because you're not asking them to do anything they wouldn't already be doing. And these "slice of life" images are far more meaningful than any "say cheese" photos that you'd get in a traditional studio portrait.