Lenzy Ruffin Photography

Family portraits are a gift that you're giving to your children.

I do a style of family photography called Family Photojournalism, which is a contemporary spin on the traditional family portrait.

Family Photojournalism is about artistically capturing the wonderful candid interactions that occur during the course of everyday life for your family.

You don’t have to find time to schedule a Family Photojournalism session because I come to you whenever and wherever your family is already going to be together.

Family Wall Art Is Family History


A walk through your home should be a walk through a gallery of your family’s special memories.

Through printed family photos, you can bring your walls to life with your family tree. Over generations, these beautiful prints provide a priceless window into how things were “back in the day.”

Don’t buy art, BE art!

You can adorn your walls with engaging, dynamic, true-to-life photos of your family that capture your relationships and tell the story of your love for one another. And you'll get to relive those precious memories whenever your guests ask “What's the story behind this great photo on your wall?”

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