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Your headshot is often your first and only opportunity to make an impression.

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Video Marketing

Branding these days is about much more than having a great headshot. Video content now accounts for 80% of Internet traffic and is projected to continue to grow.

People are more likely to watch a video, they retain more of the information, and they're more likely to take action on what they saw. So if you have a message you want to get out, video is the most effective way to do it.

I’ve put together a video training course that will demystify the process of making videos that make you look great and help you bring in more clients.

The course is designed for small business owners who just need the short, simple steps to getting started with video marketing. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to make the kind of videos that will get your ideal customer reaching out to you for more information.


"Wow...what an AH-MAZING experience I had working with Lenzy Ruffin Photography! Not only was Lenzy easy to work with but he worked around my schedule and to make the experience convenient for me.  

And this was not just a point-and-click photo shoot session. Lenzy knows marketing and he made sure I was prepared with advance consultation prior to my branding session providing me with tips to develop a smart strategy.

Not only did Lenzy put me at ease in front of the camera, he provided helpful coaching to ensure I kept my messages concise, relevant, and most importantly, deliver a call to action to my target audience.

After this experience, I am so looking forward to doing this again and working with Lenzy!" -Crystal (Project Management Consultant)

"Lenzy is my go to photographer and videographer. I have hired him multiple times and I am always 100% satisfied with the quality of his work. If you want a professional, high quality end product, Lenzy is the person that you should hire." -Deirdre (real estate professional)


"Mr. Ruffin came to my office and not only took a great picture of me, but advised me on using video presentations which I plan to use in the near future. He also connected me with some other professionals that may lead to very valuable partnerships. I highly recommend that you utilize his services because he goes above and beyond expectations." -Richard (bank executive)

"Lenzy was prompt and efficient. I had new headshots to use within a day." -Susan

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"My branding session with Lenzy was fun and focused. He provided me with all of the guidance I needed to come prepared and coached me during the session to make sure he could capture me at my best. I recommend him highly if you're looking for a true professional who understands how to help you create the photos you need to market yourself in a polished and effective way." -Carrie (consultant)

"Lenzy has a way of putting his subjects at ease--allowing him to capture them at their best." -Traci (public servant)


"Lenzy is the consummate photography professional. From the moment I arrived, he made me feel comfortable and at ease. His work is awesome and I can't wait to work with him again." -Diane (program analyst)

"Lenzy did an awesome job with my headshots! Not only was he fun and easy to work with but he also had an incredibly fast turnaround time. I highly recommend him for anyone needing to update their professional image." -Tom (Certified Financial Planner)


"Lenzy Ruffin is more than a photographer!
He's a virtual business partner that uses photos to effectively market you and your business.

Lenzy's crisp, clear photos tell a story, start the conversation and open the door to assist you with business growth.

I recommend you give him a try!" -Chauka (Business Development Manager)

"Lenzy is incredibly professional and personable in his approach to bring the personality out of the pictures you want to see." -Krys (chef)


"Truly awesome and knowledgeable, Lenzy made me feel comfortable and directed me to deliver some great shots!" -Jessica (consultant)


"Lenzy is absolutely incredible at taking headshot photography. He is very knowledgeable of some of the tips and tricks that really make his photos stand out. Lenzy is able to make you feel relaxed and confident during the shoot. As a result, you are presented with immaculate photos with a very quick turnaround time. I would recommend him for anyone needing a high quality photographer." -Kyle (network engineer)

Women 7-Headshots-Washington-DC-Lenzy-Ruffin-Photography.jpg

"Lenzy is an excellent photographer. Standing in front of a camera can be intimidating but he made it fun and comfortable. He gave great directions and worked hard to get the right shots." -Sheryl (physician)

Women 5-Headshots-Washington-DC-Lenzy-Ruffin-Photography.jpg

"Lenzy can make anyone shine in front on the camera. He explained in detail what I was to expect during our session and we often times stopped to look at what we liked and didn't like. He was open to my suggestions and I felt as though he really listened to the outcome I wanted. It can be hard to feel comfortable in front of the camera but Lenzy helped to make me laugh, relax, and after about 10 minutes, I almost forgot I was taking pictures. He knows how to accentuate and capture the best attributes of his clients, both physical and personality-wise. I am extremely happy with the end-product and enjoyed his professionalism through-out our session." -Jamela (Certified Project Manager)

I work hard to make you look great. The people you see on this page are not models, these are regular people. I take your brand as seriously as I take mine because if you don't look good, I don't look good.

If you'd like more info about how we can work together to create the visual narrative you have in mind for yourself or your business, fill out the contact form below or you can click here to access my calendar and schedule an appointment.

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