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Real estate marketing videos for Realtors.

“I sell agents, not houses."

Are you interested in establishing a library of videos that will help you bring in more clients?

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Here's a video from Deirdre Brown, a Washington, DC settlement attorney. Deirdre's video is an example of how you can leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy. This is one video from an ongoing series of videos that Deirdre is using to showcase her expertise to potential clients.

My goal is to help you create a website and a YouTube channel that consistently brings you leads by delivering content that establishes you as the expert to hire in your market. I help you develop a strategic plan for creating marketing / branding videos that focus on selling you, the agent, rather than any particular property.

I help you create the following types of content:


  • Home buying/selling tips (DIY tips, neighborhood resources, things to do when you buy a new house, etc.). Create content that people find immediately valuable and beneficial to keep people visiting your website even if they aren’t currently in the market. People will share content on your website that they find valuable and more visitors equal more contacts in the lead funnel.
  • Neighborhood analysis and general market update videos. I'll help you maintain a regular publishing schedule to establish yourself as the source for information about your neighborhoods, as well as the greater market overall. 
  • Buyer and listing pre-consultation videos. While a true consultation requires the client to be present, a well-executed pre-consultation video can work on your behalf 24/7 to present you as the agent to go have a consultation with.
  • 5-10 second intro videos:
    • “I am [your name] and I’m a Realtor."
    • “I am [your name] and I’m your neighborhood expert for XYZ neighborhood.” 
    • However many variations of this you need for the various hats you wear or for various marketing campaigns.
  • 30-secondish elevator pitch video: Who you are and what you offer in short form.
  • Videos on any other subjects that will deliver value to your target market and keep them checking back regularly for new videos.

These are examples of topics that you can create a short video on that is immediately beneficial to the viewer. Building a library of this kind of content is a great way to establish yourself as an expert and to build rapport with clients before you ever meet them. You can't do this with just one video, just as you can't create a blog and make only one blog post if you want to enjoy the benefits of having a blog.


  • Co-promotion with local businesses / neighborhood business recommendations. Be the Angie’s List or Consumers' Checkbook of your neighborhood. Who is the world’s greatest handyman? Who's the best florist? Who is the phenomenal landscaper? Who does great catering? This kind of info can go a long way towards making your site a destination for info about your neighborhood. 
  • Neighborhood event coverage (festivals, block parties, etc). Sell the neighborhood and sell yourself as the expert on the neighborhood. 
  • And, of course, headshots that set you miles apart from your competition!

I help you develop and manage your video marketing strategy by working with you to create a foundation of videos that establish your video presence (who you are and why you are the neighborhood expert), as well as ongoing video content that continues to build your brand as the neighborhood expert. In contrast to videos about listings, this type of video content has a much longer shelf life and can form a library of content that’s relevant for one to two years or longer, constantly selling you as the agent to hire and generating new leads the entire time. 

I also help you maintain a consistent publishing schedule of videos that are short, relevant, and on-message. We can map out a set of topics or a theme for a video series and then create several weeks of content in one session, with outfit changes. You then upload a "new" video to your YouTube channel every Friday, for example. Recording in batch is how you maintain a consistent publishing schedule, which keeps people coming back. 

You don't need or want to make each video a grand production. Consistent production is far more important. McDonald's isn't the real estate juggernaut it is because they make artisan burgers. And if you don't recognize that McDonald's is really in the real estate business, start paying attention to the real estate that each McDonald's you see occupies. You can use the one-minute video to apply the Big Mac (or Twitter) strategy to your business.

The short format is the way to go these days. You don't have to look far to find agents with an “about me” video that is just that: about them. A much more effective strategy is to create videos that are about the viewer and their needs. What questions do your clients commonly have? Answer those questions in short, single-topic videos. Use the Twitter methodology to create videos that tell people the exact thing they needed to know, succinctly, so they can go about their busy lives. If your channel is the place to go to get fast answers from an expert, do you think that might make you popular among the buying and selling crowd? If you’ve got twenty videos on your channel answering questions that buyers and sellers commonly have (and adding more videos regularly), do you think your channel will generate more leads than the channel of an agent who has one video about themselves that they posted three years ago?

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The benefits of a video marketing campaign include the following:

  • Establish yourself as a real estate expert with an education series that allows viewers to get to know you and see how well you know your business. Over time, after watching enough of your videos and getting to see your personality, people will feel like they know you. Whereas other agents are just a headshot and a phone number, you will be a trusted advisor who prospective clients will be much more likely to reach out to.
  • Establish yourself as a neighborhood expert with lots of content specific to your neighborhood.
  • Reclaim time in your schedule AND establish yourself as an expert by making videos that answer the questions your prospective clients most commonly have.
  • Create a library of content on your website and your YouTube channel that sells you 24/7. 
  • You can run targeted video ads on Facebook.

Do I need my own website?

You don't have to set up your own website, but the goal is for you to carve out a piece of Internet real estate that is a destination for anyone looking to buy or sell property in the neighborhoods you cover. There's no platform you can exercise absolute control over the way you can your own website. Facebook, LinkedIn, and any web portal provided by your real estate company are not under your control. The social media platforms change their policies all the time. And what happens when you change real estate companies? If you build your brand and your lead funnel through YourName.com, you maintain complete control of what content you present, how you present it, and any leads that are generated from it. Check out Deirdre Brown's website to see an example of what you can do with your own website. You might find your new settlement attorney while you're there. If Deirdre's website convinces you to consider reaching out to her to do business, wouldn't it make sense for you to set up something similar to attract clients?

Do I need a YouTube channel when I can upload videos to Facebook?

Google is the #1 search engine on the Internet. YouTube (owned by Google) is the #2 search engine on the Internet. If you want your videos to come up in the search results of potential clients, you have to post your videos on YouTube. Additionally, YouTube is a far more advanced video platform in terms of organizing your video library and making it easy for people to see your content. People interested in your content can subscribe to your channel and receive notifications each time you post a new video. You can create playlists of your videos that organize your content and make it easy for viewers to explore it. This becomes necessary if you commit to making videos and establish a large library of content to establish yourself as an expert.

So how do I get started?

Contact me now so we can talk about your objectives and start developing a plan to help you brand yourself as the neighborhood expert to hire.