Lenzy Ruffin Photography


Lenzy Ruffin is a portrait photographer in Washington, DC. He specializes in photojournalistic-style portraiture.

Photojournalistic Portrait Sessions

Everyone knows that candid photos are the best photos. Photojournalism sessions deliver beautiful candid photos by the truckload. Read on to see what type of session is best suited to capture all the great scenes in your world.


Family Photojournalism

Photos are an integral part of maintaining the historical record of any family. But there's a tremendous difference between capturing what your family looks like and capturing what your family is like. Creating images that show your family interacting naturally is what family photojournalism is all about. Staged photos cannot even begin to compete with candid, real life photos that show your family being a family.

Your family's generations down the road will love seeing images of what your family's life is like today. And family members who live too far away to see you regularly would love to see these kinds of images right now. Yes, smartphones are everywhere and we document our lives in greater detail now than ever before in history. But there is no substitute for working with a skilled professional with a trained eye, an artistic vision, and the technical expertise to create incredible individual images of you and your family, as well as a mosaic of images that work together to tell your family's story. You cannot capture special moments and be in them at the same time. You just enjoy your family and let me capture those precious moments.   

Contact me now so we can discuss your vision for capturing your family life through a set of images that show how awesome, insane, unbelievable, mundane, chaotic, incredible, outrageous, and fantastic your family truly is. 

Environmental Portraits

These images depict people in real working situations. Perfect for individuals or small businesses that want to document themselves in their work (or play) environment. Whereas standard portraits focus on the person being photographed and exclude or de-emphasize the surroundings, environmental portraits deliberately include the surroundings as part of the narrative of the individual being photographed and they make great marketing pieces.

A mechanic in a garage with vehicles all around in various states of disrepair. A tailor or seamstress at their sewing machine with an assortment of fabrics as well as completed products all around. A chef in the kitchen. A carpenter in the workshop. All examples of portraits where the environment informs the viewer about the person being photographed and establishes branding beyond what can be accomplished in standard portraits.


"A Day in the Life Of..."

You get your own personal paparazzo for a day. I follow you around for a day like Howard Bingham did Ali, documenting all the activities that occur in your vida loca. Excellent for those with a powerful personal brand that they want to offer the world a behind-the-scenes view into. Also excellent for those looking to launch a new initiative that is based on their personal brand. This session will produce an outstanding set of diverse images to use in your marketing campaigns. Change clothes a few times throughout the day and you'll have more images than you know what to do with.

Each of these session packages is great as a gift to yourself or to someone else. If none of the packages above quite meets your needs, perhaps a few hours of general photography services will. A little bit of everything I offer can be delivered within four hours of general photography services. Contact me now so we can discuss your needs and develop a plan for creating the images you have in mind.