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What is a group rate headshot session?

A group session means individual headshot sessions at a group rate. The minimum group size is four people. The product of a group headshot session is a set of individual headshots like the ones displayed above.

You can share the Group Session Details link with the people you want to try to form a group with so they'll know if they want to participate.


The organizer (that's you) is responsible for securing a location and notifying me of the location at least 24 hours prior to the shoot. I come to the designated location at the scheduled time and shoot the headshots. The location must be indoors and a minimum area of five feet by ten feet is required.

This location must be a location you have authority to use. You cannot just choose a public or private facility like a library or a cafe or something, unless this is something you have gotten permission to do.


Full payment is required to schedule the session. The organizer is responsible for coordinating payment from at least four individuals in order to schedule a group session. This payment is non-refundable. Additional group members can pay at any time after the date is reserved, but the payment from four people to reserve the date is non-refundable. So if someone cannot attend, they can sell their slot to someone else, just as they would with a ticket to a concert or a sporting event. Venmo is a great way to make payment to Lenzy Ruffin Photography, as well as to transfer funds between individuals.