Family Photojournalism


Family photojournalism is a contemporary spin on the traditional family portrait. There's no need to dress everyone the same and make a grand, complicated production out of taking family photos. Those kinds of photos don't even reflect what your family really looks like. Family photojournalism is about capturing the awesome images that occur during the course of everyday family life.


You don't even need to change your schedule to do this. You can get great family photos in an hour without having to adjust one minute of your schedule. No need to corral the kids and haul them to a studio or some particular location to shoot. The comfort of your home is the perfect place for this type of photography. You don't even have to clean up. A house with kids in it should look like a house with kids in it.


Here's a link to my family photojournalism portfolio. I stand behind my work with a 100% money-back guarantee, so take a look and let me know when you want to schedule your session.