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Lenzy Ruffin is a corporate event and lifestyle photographer in Washington, DC. 

Are you running Yellow Pages ads and don't know it?

Think about it. The Yellow Pages is almost entirely words, with a few pictures here and there. No video content. Does that describe your website in 2017?...almost entirely words, with a few pictures here and there. But no video content.

Take a look around the Internet. What do you see? What do you consume?

If you're a business owner, can you really afford to only be a consumer of video, or might it be in your best interest to create some video content for your target audience to consume?

If you want to get started with video marketing, but don't know how to begin, I'd like to help. If you have any questions about how to begin incorporating video into your marketing strategy, ask me in the comments. And share this post with a friend who needs to see it.